Person in charge: Fernando J. Corrales and Ignacio Casal.
  • WP 3.1. HPP: Identification and characterization of the "unknown" proteins Chr-16. Recombinant protein expression and peptide standards.
    Person in charge: Concha Gil.
  • WP 3.2. HPP: Sequencing and characterization of the proteins encoded by the Chr 16.
    Person in charge: Manuel Sánchez del Pino.
  • WP 3.3. HPP: Quantification of Chr-16 proteins in different cell types by targeted proteomics (S / MRM).
    Person in charge: Eduard Sabidó.
  • WP 3.4. HPP: Integration of genomic and proteomic data. Bioinformatics and computational proteomics.
    Person in charge: Victor Segura.
  • WP 3.5. B / D-HPP: Clinical Applications and Biobanks.
    Person in charge: Francisco J. Blanco.