PIKE (Protein Information and Knowledge Extractor) Retrieves biological information from several databases at once, regarding to a set of proteins. Supports PRIDE xml files as input and also as output.
MIAPE Generator Tool This tool provides the following functions: Allows to generate MIAPE GE, GI, MS and MSI compliant reports. Serves as a MIAPE repository. Allows to compare your MIAPE documents. Click here to enter in the ProteoRed MIAPE repository by using the MIAPE Generator tool (as a guest)
MIAPE-API The project intends to create a Java API to be able to generate, delete and store MIAPE documents.
MIAPE Extractor Tool The MIAPE Extractor Tool is a standalone tool that allows: To automatically create MIAPE compliant reports from your standard data files (PRIDE XML, mzML, mzIdentML) and others (XTandem output xml), storing these reports in the ProteoRed MIAPE repository To export your MIAPE-compliant reports to standard data files (currently to PRIDE XML).