Services offered by ProteoRed ProteoRed-ISCIII offers a broad range of services for the separation, identification, characterization and quantification of proteins and proteomes. These include the following techniques: Protein Identification Analysis of enzymatic protein digestions by using mass spectrometry (includes: sample preparation, digestion, clean up, data analysis) Protein Identification by LC/MS/MS (low to large scale) Protein identification by LC-MALDI (loew to large scale) Protein identification by PMF MS - MS/MS by MALDI TOF/TOF Protein Quantification Relative quantitation of differences in protein abundance by mass spectrometry (includes: sample preparation, labeling, digestion, clean up) Protein Quantification by LC-MSMS (label-free) Protein Quantification LC-MSMS (isobaric methods: TMT and iTRAQ) Protein Quantification LC-MSMS (metabolic labelling: SILAC) Protein Quantification LC-MSMS (isotopic methods: dimethyl, O18) Protein Quantification LC-MSMS (triple quadrupole, MRM peptides) LC-MSMS (triple quadrupole, MRM metabolites) Protein Characterization Analysis of protein modifications such as phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, ubiquitination. (includes: sample preparation, digestion and clean up) Protein Characterization (PTMs, isoforms; in low or large scale) Protein Identification by "de novo" peptide sequencing (in low or large scale) Molecular Weight Analysis Tools to determine molecular weight of molecules by mass spectrometry (includes: sample preparation and clean up) Molecular weight analysis by MS-MALDI TOF Molecular weight analysis by ESI (MS-Q-TOF, MS-Ion Trap) Electrophoresis 2D Electroforesis 2D-DIGE IEF Isoelectrofocusing SDS-PAGE Isoelectrofocusing OFF-GEL Bioinformatics Image Analysis (2DE, 2D-DIGE) MS data analysis (quantitative proteomics) MS data analysis ("de novo") Functional data analysis Other Proteomics Analysis Biacore SPE-MALDI-TOF MS Top-down proteomics Sample Preparation/Clean-up/Other Desalting and concentration (ultrafiltration, reverse phase) Digestion (standard in solution, gel) Digestion (custom: FASP, deglycosylation, alternative enzymes) Fractionation by HPLC (reverse phase, ion exchange) Fractionation by SPE (reverse phase, ion exchange) Fractionation using spin columns (reverse phase, ion exchange) Gel Staining (Coomassie, Fluorescent, Silver) Gel Scanning Fluorescence (Typhoon or similar) Immunoprecipitation of Ubiquitinated peptides Phosphopeptide enrichment (IMAC or TiO2) Protein Depletion (1-2, 12-14, 20, by HPLC) Protein Depletion (1-2, spin column) Protein extraction Protein quantification (Bradford, BCA, etc) Protein precipitation